The People | Our Philosophy

Our people are our purpose and at Cleobella advocating for our artisan partners and ensuring premium living wages is something we take very seriously. Each maker we work with commits to annually sign and uphold Cleobella's Ethical Trade Agreement ensuring fair wages, safe and hygienic work environments, and zero tolorence for child labor. We work mostly with small artisan groups that consist of women building their individual business together with us in their villages. Our larger factories bring expertise, quality, and timeless art for you to cherish for years to come. Our partners in India help to ensure our larger factories have certifications that align with who we are as a brand. Verification and transparency for our workers is mandatory.  It is because of these incredible artisans that we are able to bring Cleobella to life and share our beloved products with you. Working closely with our makers for over the last decade we have been able to physically see change in the lives of our partners. Each piece purchased gives back to these artisans, connecting our consumer to their communities, and making the world smaller in the best way possible. Watching our people grow and learn with us has been the most humbling opportunity. By carrying on these art forms, we are able to preserve the craft of these heritage practices that are truly unlike anything else. We desire to be a part of a world where everyone has the opportunity to sustain themselves and their families. Our people will always be at the heart and center of everything we do, before anything else. That includes our partners around the world, and our small but mighty team here in California. Here are some of the things we are doing for our People: 

  • Requiring all partners sign and uphold Cleobella's Ethical Trade Agreement 
  • Ensuring premium living wages 
  • Investing in safe and hygienic work environments 
  • Zero tolerance for child labor 
  • Working closely with our makers and artisans 
  • Preserving heritage artisan crafts 
  • Working with Nonprofits supporting Women Empowerment 
  • Supporting underprivileged children in India 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives of everyone, everywhere. The Cleobella team has committed to those which we feel we can drive progress towards. This is our pledge to use the framework set out by the United Nations to help shift our world to a better planet for all. 



UN SDG 8 advocates for the protection and prosperity of workers, which is at the heart of Cleobella and what we believe in. Our brand started with the love of far away places and the craft of traditional artisan techniques. All of our workers, from our artisans abroad to our team here in California, are protected by Cleobella’s Ethical Trade Agreement. This agreement ensures fair wages, safe and hygienic work environments, and zero tolerance for child labor. We believe in the protection of youth globally and are working with supporting initiatives to defend them. We believe goal 8 aligns well with where we are now and where we are headed as a brand. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Giveback supporting The People: 

Children in India 

Bloom India provides opportunities to the underprivileged children of India to break the barriers of poverty, social injustice, and discrimination. They have established a community that centers on giving these children the high quality education they deserve. Bloom India believes education is freedom for these children and prevents them from trafficking, adolescent marriage, and forced child labor. Children everywhere deserve to be free from worrying and to learn in a safe environment. Through Bloom India, we can help to create change in a place that is very special and essential to our brand. 

Women / Girls’ empowerment

Girl's Inc.was founded in 1864 and they focus on the development of the whole girl, mentoring, supporting, and guiding girls in an affirming, pro-girl environment. As a woman owned brand, our support for women is global. Cleobella was founded and continues to creatively flow through the hard work and dedication of women and would not be the brand we are today without them. Women are crucial to our survival and success. Empowering females of all ages, everywhere, is something that is very near and dear to our hearts.