The Power of Women

Transforming our femininity into strength.


Each woman has the power within to do what she is meant to do. It just takes the energy of other women to ignite that strength. In a world that feels so divided and competition is rampant, we must push past the status quo, and build each other up. Together we can generate generational change and continue to prove to the world the voice of all Women matters and is necessary for all circumstances. 



Women-led teams are statistically proven to perform better and are better for their employees. There are multiple studies that show that women-led companies outperform companies led by men. With success in marketing returns, decisions making, and overall performance of the company. Not only are they doing better, but they are also more desired. According to Forbes, 50% of Americans prefer to work for a woman. For multiple reasons, but the clear one to us is: The Power of Women is unlike any other and when we work together we create true magic.


Cleobella’s Founder and Creative Director, Angela, recognized the Power of the Women early on in her journey to creating the brand Cleobella is today. Having dominant, successful, strong, mountain-moving women to create magic with was her intention from the start. She knew her team needed to be exactly the women she was making her products for. But most importantly, for Cleobella to be able to lift up the lives of the women who are making those products. To bring sustainable incomes to the families that made Cleobella who we are. We are so fortunate enough to have a women-led team in India that provides us with transparency when our Founders are home in the US. Having the Power of the Women in all operations is crucial to the success and survival of Cleobella. We wouldn’t be able to perform or operate as we do without our Women-led team in India who are the heartbeat of our brand.


As we grow, we know this is because our brand has always been led by Women. Our growth and successes are due to the feminine power that has been ingrained into every part of our brand. We know the voice, opinion, and view of each woman is validated and should be recognized as such. With this growth, we recognize we must bring all women with us. That is why 3 out of the 4 organizations we donate to are towards the uplifment of women and girls. On the Cleobella website, upon checkout, you can choose to donate and % of your purchase to go towards one of the organizations we support. The women-focused organizations we support are Girl's Inc., IBU Foundation, and Bloom India. These organizations are incredible and help with women and girls’ empowerment, female artisan support, and education. Cleobella knows that with our success must also come the success of other women and we will continue to support women globally and locally.



The Power of the Women is mountain-moving, statistically proven to be more successful, and is crucial to the survival of this world. Cleobella moves, breathes, operates, and functions by the Power of the Women and we will always be an advocate to women using their femininity for strength. To push past what is normal for this world and to make known we aren’t going anywhere without a fight for all women everywhere.