Our Boutique Tour

A closer look into our boutique and the journey we traveled to get us thus far.


For the last 14 years our founders, Angela and Jim, have been on a mission to shift the way products are made and to invest in integrity. Although they have made it a long way, their achievements and accomplishments from growing a family run business also comes with failures, learned lessons, and growth. It is through these trials and tribulations that the O’Brien family has been able to adapt their lifestyles to ebb and flow with Cleobella and to work in harmony together.  

Since the inception of Cleobella, the O’Briens chose to invest in integrity, purpose, and prosperity. Jim’s love for surfing and Angela’s cravings for adventure led them to carve out the perfect lifestyle that would suit their family. They decided to quit their jobs and to leave the conventional behind them, and set off to travel the world. On their travels, Angela discovered her love for traditional artisan crafts from the faraway places she adored and decided to bring prosperity back to their artisan friends they made on their journeys.



Great things come to those who wait. In the beginning, Angela and Jim ran Cleobella out of their house. It wasn’t until 2012 when they found their 1920s beach cottage that became the perfect place for Cleobella to grow even more. It is here where divine synchronicity guided Cleobella to be the magical brand we are today.



Much like their home, the O'Briens wanted the Cleobella boutique to be a place to escape to. A place for people to come for themselves, or to purchase gifts for others, and feel the integrity behind each and every part of the store. From the walls, to the windows, to the products, everything inside the boutique would hold purpose and tell a story. Little reminders of their travels fill the store and tell the tales of their adventures. Angela and Jim love to upcycle items whenever they can to give a new life to things that would otherwise be discarded. The perfect balance between new and old helps to exemplify Cleobella as a brand and why the O’Briens intentionally designed it this way. The boutique’s bathroom walls were painted by an old employee and dear friend that reminds us of her each time we see her beautiful artwork.



The boutique has a beautiful open courtyard where we love to host community gatherings for our Cleo-women and their families. Unfortunately, due to tribulations of the last few years, we have been unable to have these special events that bring our communities together. Sample sales, littles pottery classes, seasonal parties, and meditation retreats are among the few we miss so dearly. We hope to soon have sweet and safe events in the near future to bring back these memories and connections we’ve made.



The boutique has been the perfect addition to Cleobella and nurtured her in the ways she so very needed.  Time told us everything we needed to know, and patience can guide you gracefully. Surrender, allow yourself to trust your own intuition, and witness magic unfold before you.




Cleobella is globally inspired, and ethically handmade. We stay true to our philosophy in all areas of our Brand. We will be hosting beach clean ups to help nurture our community that surrounds our Cleobella Boutique and to celebrate her by doing our part to keep her shining! Stay tuned for upcoming dates...