New York

A Guide To Slow Travel

New York: A Guide To Slow Travel

The art of slow travel entails adopting a particular approach to global exploration, prioritizing immersing yourself in local cultures and cherishing every experience, as opposed to the fast paced mindset we often have when traveling. Here, we’ll follow Angela, our founder, on her slow travel journey throughout New York City.

It can be easy to be swept up in the busting energy of New York City, however there is also an abundance of opportunities to relax and unwind in the city. NYC has no shortage of amazing neighborhood eateries where you can slow down and watch the city buzz around you. Some of Ange’s favorite spots include Devocion, La Cabra Bakery, and The Chester. Take the opportunity to explore for yourself and find your go-to spots for a break from the hustle and bustle.


Another great way to immerse yourself in your surroundings is by choosing a slower mode of transportation. Opt for walking or bike-riding, both sustainable options for exploring the city. Stroll through Central Park, shop your way through Soho, and treat your eyes to New York’s most famous museums. One of Ange’s favorite walkable areas is the Chelsea Arts District, which is home to some of the best art galleries NYC has to offer. Finding beauty in new places is a key aspect  to the slow travel mentality.


Disconnecting and being present is another huge part of the art of slow travel. To Ange, a business owner and mother of two, it is crucial to find balance and be in the present on her travels. This includes spending time with her family and exploring the areas of the city that allow her to relax and disconnect. One of her favorite spots is Little Island, NYC’s “floating park”. This whimsical escape in the city is located within the four-mile-long Hudson River Park and is the perfect place to venture for a recentering stroll through nature. It offers artistic architecture and a variety of beautiful greenery that makes up an ethereal get-away perfect for disconnecting in the city.




The slow travel mindset veers away from trips packed full of back-to-back activities and leans into a more spontaneous approach to travel. Choosing things you might not usually try opens the door for a more exciting and memorable adventure. For example, skipping the fine dining experiences and going with NYC's food trucks and carts might not be your initial instinct, but exploring with a quick bite to eat in your hand can be a fun and unplanned way to experience the city.



Though New York City is a bustling area with much to do, a slower pace and quiet environment might be something you’re yearning for. Fortunately, New York has it all. Venture just 2.5 hours upstate to Hotel Lilien for a weekend out of the city. A true hidden gem, this idyllic boutique hotel nestled in the Catskills Mountains is the ultimate slow travel getaway. Enjoy cozy vintage interiors, amazing hospitality, and the peaceful sounds of nature. With trails to hike and lakes to explore, this is the perfect place to connect with nature and get your slow travel fix.




Through the adoption of slow travel principles, you can foster a more profound bond with the destinations you explore, develop a heightened sense of admiration for diverse cultures, and forge enduring memories that transcend mere sightseeing.