Manifestation Jewelry Collection
Manifestation Jewelry Collection

Manifestation Jewelry Collection

Manifestation Jewelry Collection


Cleobella is driven by the divine feminine energy and magical elements that surround us. From the mountains to the sea we are constantly looking to nature for inspiration and tones to mimic to create the pallet for each collection. Jewelry has always been a love of Cleobella and we are excited to share with you the collection we’ve dreamed up and it’s story. From the symbols to the colors, we have designed this collection to guide and ground you throughout your day. Each symbol is 14k Gold Plated and each one makes for gorgeous layering pieces to pair with your other treasures. We are so excited to share this magical collection with you and our intentions behind it. 

This Manifestation Collection is all about your Ritual. How you start your morning can truly impact what kind of day you will have. Our dreams for this collection are to inspire us to make our morning rituals have meaningful impacts on the rest of our days and to set the stage each morning for ourselves. Cleobella has selected 3 symbols that represent the divine feminine we so strongly seek to admire. With the 3 symbols, we have paired them with a tone that best suits them, and helps to bring out their manifestation and grounding gifts. We hope these pieces can not only help to elevate your look but also uplift your soul and carry you gracefully throughout your journeys. It’s the little things that spark magic these days, and we are here for all the miracles.



Our first Symbol is the Snake. Snakes hold immense power,  strength, and protection. The Snake is also a symbol of onward and upward and helps to motivate  us through the changes,  challenges, and transformational moments we endure. We’ve paired this symbol with Gold Citrine which represents abundance, prosperity, and self-esteem. With the two together we know true magic can happen. This piece provides strength and protection and helps to ignite your femine power within. Wear daily to manifest your own feminine power, self confidence, and act as a symbol of personal strength to make your desires come to life. Layering with other jewels and gems is recommended for ultimate protection.

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Our next symbol is the Yin & Yang which is a universal symbol for balance, resilience, and harmony. It reminds you to breathe in and breathe out. This beautiful symbol of stability helps to balance you and keep you resilient throughout the day. It is perfect to give a gift to a long time partner, friend, or little love. We’ve paired the Yin & and Yang with Black Onyx which symbolizes power, attraction, and grounding. They pair perfectly together for ultimate grounding and motivation to persevere.

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Lastly, we have our Crescent Moon & Stars to help ignite trust, love, and patience in one another in a time we so desperately need it. The moon and stars coexist perfectly together bonded by gravity and held tight by the power of the universe. An unbreakable bond that’s story goes back to the beginning of time. Their trust in one another is why they work so well together. Being able to have trust, let go, and invite patience into your life is magic in its purest form. We hope this duo can help remind you to hold on tight to the ones you love, as we have paired this symbol with Rose Quartz for affection, harmony, and peace. Together they can help to manifest trust, love, and patience into your life.

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We hope these pieces can become a part of your morning rituals and be layered into your days. Manifestation is an ongoing journey and we will never stop dreaming. With the power of the divine feminine we can move mountains, but together we can change the world.