Power in the Process: Our Natural Indigo Collection
Power in the Process

Our Natural Indigo Collection

Power in the Process

Cleobella's natural indigo dye journey.

Our process is who we are and the foundation of each of our products. We have ingrained intention into all areas of Cleobella, even our dyeing process.


Every step of our journey revolves around the art of harnessing the power of nature to achieve the perfect hue. Our makers begin by carefully selecting the finest indigo plants, known for their rich pigments and long-standing history as a coveted dye source.


Once harvested, the indigo leaves undergo a meticulous preparation process. The leaves are fermented in large vats, allowing the magic to unfold. The fermentation creates a unique chemical reaction that ultimately releases the vibrant indigo color we know and love. 


The moment arrives when the fabric, patiently waiting for its transformation, is submerged into the indigo vat. The skilled artisan, with a gentle hand and a deep understanding of the dyeing craft, skillfully dips the fabric in and out, allowing it to absorb the indigo pigment gradually.

As the fabric emerges from the vat, it appears green, but as the air touches it, an extraordinary alchemy takes place. The indigo oxidizes and transforms before our eyes, turning from green to blue. This captivating metamorphosis is what makes the indigo dyeing process so enchanting to witness.


To achieve the perfect shade of indigo, this dipping and oxidizing cycle is repeated multiple times. Each immersion builds upon the previous layer, adding depth and complexity to the color. The skilled artisan carefully gauges the timing and number of dips, adjusting the process to achieve the desired shade, creating a truly unique piece every time. The result is a garment that exudes a timeless charm, woven with the essence of nature itself. A testament to the ancient art of indigo dyeing and the dedication of the artisans who keep this heritage alive.




We invite you to indulge in our naturally hand-dyed indigo collection, a celebration of the intricate process that brings forth the perfect shade of indigo—a tribute to the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature's abundant gifts.


Meet the Neha Dress

The Neha Mini Dress is a staple for your sustainable wardrobe. Featuring an empire waistline and elasticized sleeve openings with tassel tie details, this babydoll dress is versatile enough to take you from brunch to a night out. This dress will make you look and feel great, all while supporting ethical and sustainable fashion practices. 


Meet the Maile Dress

Made of 100% cotton, the Maile Ankle Dress will have you feeling ethereal and effortless. The light and airy cotton flows perfectly and the tie details add a touch and femininity.

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