How Cleobella is Upcycling
How Cleobella is Upcycling

How Cleobella is Upcycling

How Cleobella is Upcycling 

In our curations and all areas we can


 At Cleobella we are always looking for ways to expand our curation to include upcycling in all areas we can. We are aiming to one day be a fully carbon neutral, circular Fashion Brand. Until then we will be implementing thoughtful initiatives along the way until we are there. Regeneration for Earth is an ongoing process that will be a forever journey for Cleobella. There is no stopping when it comes to nurturing the planet the way it deserves. As long as we are designing and producing goods, we will be conscious of our efforts to the planet. 


What is Upcycling? 

Reuse discarded objects or materials in such a way that it becomes of higher value or quality than the original. We are planning to use our leather scraps to make smaller leather goods, wallets, and key chains. 



What is deadstock?

Deadstock fabric is fabric that is left over from over produced orders. Using fabric that is already made can be a conscious way to avoid making new fabric. We like to use all the fabric we make and use any leftover fabric for our scrunchies, scarfs, and headbands.


Upcycling tips:

Going through your wardrobe // giving your possessions a new life 

Looking through your own personal collection can help to remind yourself of the treasures you already have. Things you love but cannot seem to part ways with, can sometimes be altered to look like a brand new piece. There’s nothing like cutting an old pair of jeans into a new pair of shorts! 



Incorporation of vintage into your wardrobe and home

Our founder Angela O’Brien loves to upcycle in all areas of her life she can. Not only is she being thoughtful about materials and waste management in her brand but in her home as well. Anglea has upcycled treasures from around the world through her entire home. She loves to pair upcycled items she finds on her travels with modern new contrasting ones. Her home is like a museum and it is the perfect balance between old and new. Angela has a gift that allows her to see past “throwing things away” and knows that everything that is thrown away ends up somewhere. Being conscious of what you buy and allow into your home is also crucial to her upcycling. If you can make something new again and love it for many more years, you are giving it a second chance to escape beyond “away” or a landfill.








What Cleobella is doing and our upcoming upcycling plans

At Cleobella we are making small wallets, keychains, and other leather goods from excess leather scraps and looking to make this an option for every season. 

Our scrunchies are made from our woodblock printed fabric from each collection and previous ones. We allow no fabric to go to waste and certainly do not send any to landfills.  

We only use recyled metals for our Bali Bracelets.

We are also using our deadstock textiles that will be used for our jewelry bags which is something in the works that we are so excited to share with you in the near future.


We would love to hear your tips and tricks for upcycling! Share with us what you are doing by using the hashtag #Cleowomenupcycle for a chance for your upcycling routine to be featured on our Instagram Stories. 


Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think or share your tips and tricks with us so we can keep the conversation going by emailing Conscious conversation leads to positive growth, meaningful interactions, and motivation to keep moving forward. We are excited  to hear from you. 

 Happy Upcycling!