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Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to where you are today?

I’ve been blogging for 10 years now and I feel like an OG in this social media world. I actually spent my entire youth studying and preparing for a prestige profession in medicine to end up happily pursuing a creative career in my adulthood. Something I will encourage everyone is to always foster your creativity through outlets that you enjoy.

How did growing up in North Carolina shape who you are today? It’s different from LA in so many ways, do you ever think about returning?

I grew up with southern charm and sensibilities when it comes to etiquette and manners. I’ve always relied on that sort of poetic structure to navigate relationships and social events. But in every other quality, I am a California girl through and through. I’d love to return to North Carolina to show my son the nostalgic beauty of the Atlantic coast beaches.

How did you discover your passion for the world of fashion?

My mother instilled the value of style as your personal story. It’s what shares so much about a person before they speak their first hello when meeting. I love fashion as an art of storytelling because every person’s story is strikingly unique.

What has kept you in love with fashion?

My fashion makes me feel beautiful and confident as a woman, so I value investing in high quality pieces that make me feel my best. My clothes tell so many stories throughout my years and whenever I’m cleaning out my closet or looking at old photos, my wardrobe and style are things I fondly look back on as memories of all of my past selves. 

What advice would you give to women who are struggling to find their paths?

I went through a difficult period soon after my son was born when I felt completely lost in direction and identity. I cried to myself and to my husband constantly. What finally helped me was that I remembered what my earliest and most primary life dream was, and that was to become a mom. It helped give me the confidence that I achieved my dream and I could do so much more, especially in the realm of motherhood that revolved around what was most passionate to me. Remember where you came from, what you have achieved, and out of everything, when were you happiest? Find that and turn it into your path. 

How has quarantine impacted your life? What has it taught you about yourself? What are some rituals/practices you have found to be helpful during this time?

I haven’t created any new rituals per say, but I have evolved my personal way of life to prioritize my well-being and self-care during the pandemic. Working from home without any outlets of space and privacy created an abundance of stress that resulted in sleepless nights and excess anxiety during the day, so I made little changes in my routine like staying off my phone before bed, going to sleep an hour or two earlier (and avoiding working late at night), and setting aside time to cook ourselves a healthy meal rather than relying on takeout or leftovers. These little changes have improved my life, my mood, and my skin so much! Did you know that excess cortisol causes breakouts? 

Do you have any daily rituals that you could share?

My morning ritual starts with a hot cup of matcha and a big pot of jasmine tea to enjoy after. I also make sure I start my day spending some time with my toddler before I get on the computer, so I’ll read a couple of books with him in his play area or do one activity he likes before our nanny takes over.  

What’s your go-to WFH uniform?

Linen trousers and a sweatshirt or flowy blouse. I need to feel comfortable yet put together to be productive at home as a mom juggling work and an active little boy.

What is your go-to Date Night outfit?

A slender dress, gold earrings, and heels. 

What is/are your favorite thing(s) to do on a free weekend?

I love going to the beach no matter what time of year, although we are pretty lucky here in Southern California for it to be so beautiful even during the winter! There’s nothing more lovely than sweater weather at the beach watching the sunset with my toddler splashing around on the shore. 

What are you manifesting for 2021?

I am manifesting hopeful reunions with friends and family and plenty of beautiful gatherings and dinners together! Once the pandemic has ceased, we will take our son Jacob to France for his first global experience. I’m also manifesting a new journey for me as an entrepreneur that intersects my cultural upbringing with modern motherhood - fingers crossed!

What are 3 of your favorite IG accounts?




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