Cleo Woman: Lindye Galloway
Cleo Woman

Lindye Galloway

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to where you are today?

Let me set the scene! I’m at Hoag Hospital about to have our first baby and my husband finds a fixer upper on Zillow. His timing!! He convinced me to go look at it….and somehow in my lack of newborn sleep we decided to go for it! I had never done interior design before and didn’t have any education in it, but I had been in the creative field previously. So, I took on this personal renovation, loved it (and learned so many mistakes from it). All along I posted it to Instagram and suddenly people were reaching out to me. From there, the business was born…and another kid shortly after! Because I can’t slow down, four years ago my husband joined the team, and we launched our online shop with our collections of furniture and curated goods. 9 years ago, I was the new mom bouncing her baby in an Ergo while selecting tile for the first time. Now our team and I design high end homes throughout the country, have a quickly growing shop and have been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Forbes and more. I never could have imagined it!

Where do you draw inspiration from for both your projects and your personal style?

This may sound overused, but…. fashion and travel! It’s also how I justify the 100 outfits I buy before a vacation as well as the vacation itself ;) It’s for business! I love the inspiration fashion can bring to interiors with its textures, silhouettes, movement, and patterns. I also love trips to old cities full of history that offer their old-world design as inspiration I can bring home with a modern approach.

What do you think will be the biggest home trend this year and what would you like to see gone?

A huge trend is plaster! We love using plaster, limewash or roman clay to bring depth and warmth to a room. And my personal favorite is raked plaster. Also, it might feel trendy right now, but I think it’s a style that will hold on for a long time!

What are you most proud of?

Today! Where I have gotten today!! I started this business with no formal design training (thank you to the first clients that trusted me to figure it out!!). Now we work on some of the most high-end homes throughout the country with an amazing team and have an online shop that brings our style to people’s lives. 10 years ago Lindye could have never imagined that I would build a family at the same time as a business, that I would overcome some of the huge challenges and find my way from not knowing the industry to living and breathing it with a passion.

How do you create intentional spaces within your own home?

I love this question because home is so much more than beautiful spaces. I believe home should be comfortable, connected and inspired. Comfortable on the good days and the bad, deeply connected to the ones you love and the ones you invite in and daily inspired in your home. When I am designing each room, I think about how we can craft the design to enhance these experiences!

If you could give one design tip to our community, what would it be?

Get the sofa!! Maybe you have kids, or pets or a partner who can’t keep wine in the glass. But get the sofa…the one with high performance fabric of course. It’s always tempting to hold off on a comfortable and pretty sofa for another season of life when they’re quite the investment piece. But this piece is one you will spend many moments snuggled into and it certainly can create comfort, connection and inspiration.

Do you have any special places that really inspire you in your design work? A favorite destination that you keep going back to?

Paris will forever be my biggest breath of design inspiration. I’ve been several times and plan for several more. The buildings, the gardens, the restaurants, the fashion!

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Be more generous! Life is so full of ups and downs and being generous in your resources and time or even just generosity in offering people the benefit of the doubt can bring so much peace to your life.

How do you balance being a mother, designer, and everything else? What do you do to help stay grounded?

A tribe!! I have certainly had sesons where the balance feels really hard to attain while juggling everything. Balance feels more “on” some weeks and feel “off” in others, but I just try to focus on doing the most intentional thing I can do in that moment/week. Even that helps me stay grounded. And a good Sunday afternoon nap gives me life! As a family, one of the most powerful things we’ve done is bringing our kids into what we do for work. It helps my kids understand what I’m doing when I’m traveling or can’t be at a school event. It feels like we’re all a family team rather than the mystery of what mommy does all day. My daughter even decided to do a project on our studio for school because she’s so excited about what we do!

What is a favorite quote or saying of yours that you go back to time and time again?

Always be open to a pivot. Your vision can mold, evolve, and grow with you.

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