Cleo Woman

Shiva Rose

What ignited your passion for your wellness journey?

"The wellness journey found me because it wasn't something that I was looking for. I was diagnosed with a bunch of health issues after the birth of my first daughter. I was 26 and I was so ill, I couldn't recover. And that was pre-internet, so I had to do my own research. I started going to libraries and just trying to figure out remedies. It seemed like the holistic ways were making me feel better so I started to implement those and that was the beginning of the rabbit hole. I feel like now, in the times we live in, we have so many toxic things around us but we can mitigate it and biohack it with all these other things. Now i'm fascinated by it, it's one of my passions". 

You’re a busy mom and entrepreneur. How do you manage your schedule and find time for self-care?

"You know it's interesting, when you guys were coming over today I was like “oh my gosh self-care I need to get on that, it was like a reminder. Because sometimes we’re the last ones we make time for. As you know, as a mother, once you take care of yourself, you have more energy to take care of other people. So knowing that, I take a bath everyday and I do a tea ceremony every morning. No matter what, those are kind of my rules. I put that in the beginning and end of my day". 

What do you put in your bath?

"Various salts that I make. Usually Himalayan sea salt with essential oils. But not a lot, just a tiny bit. Minerals - magnesium for relaxing, sometimes herbs. It depends on what you need in your life. If you want to bring in love, you can put some roses and rose quartz crystals. It just kind of depends on what you need at the moment".

Can you walk us through your morning ritual?

"Yes, I usually wake up very early. I’ll spray my face with radiant rose water which is like a super vitamin for the skin. I will come and do a Tea Ceremony for a while which is basically just meditating with tea and being with myself, connecting to spirit, connecting to source, connecting to angels and guides, just sort of thinking about the goals. Then I do a little kundalini yoga set and then I will get my animals fed, my daughter ready for school, and then it just sort of starts from there… I take my daughter to school and then come back and work".

We absolutely love your Whole Beauty book! Whats next on your horizon?

"Oh, thank you so much. That means the world to me. That's definitely something I’m happy about for this year too. I’ll have a course on the moon coming out soon on my blog. I feel like with so many of us, we hear about the moon, new moon, full moon, and there are so many things around it, but no one has really broken it down in a simple, factual, historical, concise way, and how it affects us. So, it's a very basic course to teach us how to connect to the moon because the moon and healing from the moon has been integral for me for my healing journey. Once you figure out the moon cycle and how you’re linked to it, you can use it to your benefit. That course will be out in April".

How do you show love for yourself?

"Well interestingly enough, that's been something I have only learned in the last few years. Basically, one of my meditations is taking that ball of energy, or love that I feel in my heart, and that I have for my children and my animals, and then recirculating it for myself. It's interesting how sometimes it's really hard to grasp, but to me it's like feeding love back to myself. And then through beauty rituals, through massaging my feet at night with the body butter of mine and just saying ‘thank you feet, for carrying me through the day’. So definitely things like that. And eating well, organic foods, really treating my body like a temple". 

I love how you refer to yourself as a Feminine Feminist. What does that mean to you?

"Feminine Feminist is… well I feel like we can not change the world by the same tactics that hurt it. So, if we want to bring real change on this planet, I don't think we can use the same forceful, angry, vitriolic way. I think it has to be through love, generosity, forgiveness, and softness. I feel like that's going to heal many more things from the environment, to issues between men and women, to global issues. I just think that we need to tackle it from another way. And that's connecting to the divine feminine, the goddess, the mother energy which I think is making a re-emergence now".

Cleobella is inspired by travel. Can you tell us about a place or trip that has inspired you?

"Oh my goodness, well I’m sort of a creature of habit. I’ve been going to Kauai since I was young, like 15. I’ve always loved it, especially being from a surfing family. The North Shore, it's one of my favorites. Orcas Island, that's another place that I love and could live there. It's sort of like where Kauai is tropical, Orcas is more lush, Washington pine trees. It's off the coast of Seattle, so it's beautiful. Orcas are around the island, there is no GMO, everything is organic, it’s really amazing. And then I love Tuscany, Italy too. I’ve been there many times and I have such a connection to that place. But I do want to explore, I’m ready to see Bali and India!"