Cleo Woman

Shannon Aganza

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

 “So, that is very complicated because I integrate many things. My whole goal is to help a person find themselves, and really be able to have access to their strongest most inner light that they have. So working with astrology, to me, is one of the most powerful tools because it is that map of you. It is the most intimate snapshot of who you are from soul all the way into incarnation and you can see everything you wanted to do in this lifetime adn to accomplish and all your potential and how to use your free will within it. So that's kind of what I do..”

How did you get started as an astrologist?

“I had been in chinese medicine school and i was at the very end of the program and i was pregnant with my daughter and at the very end of the education I had her but i still needed to finish up. And here I was looking at this child and thinking there was no i was going to spend 50 hours a week away from her. So I thought, ‘I'll practice astrology until I can go back and finish’. And once I had been practicing for a few years, I realized, ‘oh I'm doing the exact same thing - i’m helping people, and i don't have to stock herbs’. So that's how I got into doing this. It was supposed to be temporary but it ended up that I feel like I can do so much more for people. And doing the chinese medicine background and training helped me be a better astrologer because you look at the body in a holistic way and it's the same way with astrology, having to take a lot of little details but making whole statements about them”.

What’s the difference between a Sun sign and a Zodiac sign?

“This is a really good question! The thing with modern astrology or what is coined as newspaper astrology is that people tend to think in terms of zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are 12 signs that are independent of themselves from the sun. The sun just has a time that they are traversing that part of the sky where the zodiac signs live. The sun is the body, but we have other planets and every planet has a sign that they reside in. So it's not about the sign as much as it is about the planets and the sun. The difference is the zodiac sign is simply the place that the sun was residing or moving through when a person was born”.

What is a fire ceremony and why is it important to cleanse your working and living spaces?

 “The fire ceremony is simply a clearing. So, people are familiar with burning sage or palo santo, or some sort of ritual around clearing energy that is not visible on an earth plane level. The fire is sage or palo santo on steroids. The fire ceremony is an extreme cleansing that is non-intrusive on a person, it takes everything you don’t see to the eye. You just feel better, it just clears all the energy. It will even lovingly clear beings that are out of body or spaces where a fight was once. It’s very important to clear your work and living spaces because sometimes what people don’t realize is that what’s holding them back is the energy. A once a month practice is ideal - full moons and new moons in particular”.

Tell us about your sign

I am a libra. One of the things about being a libra is, even in the work i do, i dont like to give people bad news so as a libra when someone comes in to get a reading, the optimism part - will look into a persons chart and try to find the most elevated expression of any particular planetary configuration. At the same time when someone sees maybe my smile, my brain is weighing all the different possibilities. The libra is the only sign where the symbol is an inanimate object - the scales. The libra mind is constantly trying to find how to bring everything into balance. Again, looking for the positive and how to bring everything into balance. 


We all have so much more than just a sun sign. We have many signs depending on where the other planets are. Everybody has every sign in their body in their being. We just have certain signs that are stronger based on planets that are placed there.

What will be your sign in your next life?

“I have a joke whenever I get to read for a sagittarius I always tell them I will be standing in the Sag line for my next life. They are jupiter ruled, a sag can have that confidence without too much of an ego. Its almost as if it has advanced itself through the other fire signs where it comes to the point of realizing ‘okay i might have this, but its not just for me’ If you have this its something you share with other people. The ruling planet of sag is Jupiter which adds a little bit of.. some people would say good luck i would say good timing. It just kind of helps the person not have to deal with a lot of super difficult things so they can work more on the development of self so they can do more for others”.