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#BellaBeautyTribe Feature No. 14: Nichol

What makes you beautiful?
This is a love story about the women we know and the women we want to know.
The go getters, the humble souls, the women who inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.
The true goddess who is centered in love and joy.
The women to whom you can relate, who find humor in their own flaws, and who tell it to you straight—when no one else will.
A celebration of beautiful women who shine bright from within.
They don't follow the pack, they lead the crowd.
Their beauty is contagious.
They lead with their heart and follow their dreams.
They balance so much, and they do it with grace and beauty.
They are the true definition of Bella.
Meeting Nichol is like walking into an enlightened world view, where everything is beautiful and empathy is truly abundant. She brings a peaceful presence wherever she roams and exudes beauty to everything that surrounds her. Her artwork is a reflection of her childhood upbringing in Oregon, roaming fields of wildflowers and running barefoot through lush forests. She recently moved back home to Oregon from Seal Beach with her husband and three beautiful children so that they to could experience the slower pace and natural beauties that resonate within us all.
 I had the pleasure of experiencing her art while working with on our latest collection La Belle Femme. She transformed canvases with dreamy layered blooms and brought so much joy and artistry to the shoot. Our whole team was in awe of her natural talent. She has a way with colors, and a lightness of heart that spreads like wildflowers those she meets !
A mother, artist, and true Bella Beauty...Nichol Duenes
Above photo shot by: Valerie Metz
I've always loved Cleobella, I would drive down PCH and pass by the shop frequently, even to this day, and stop by to be inspired by all the loveliness.  When I think of 'Bella' the first thing that comes to my mind is the beauty within a person that radiates outward onto others, and those around that person can feel the beauty of ones soul.   HOME a: I grew up in the wilderness among the forest and the wildflower fields of Oregon, running around barefoot as a child. So many good memories there that have shaped me into the person I am today.
When I was young, I would go thrift shopping with my mom and she would gather vintage finds and make them like new and resale them, so I have always had a place in my heart to vintage shop and I really enjoy finding unique pieces for my lifestyle and to carry the tradition and resale to those who appreciate the things that I find beauty in as well.  
I've been painting and sketching since the day I could hold a paint brush. In Oregon, there was an artist friend of my mothers, and she really opened my eyes and ignited a passion while I watched her paint in her art studio with so many painted canvases on easels set up all around.   For a while I didn't know why I loved painting flora and fauna, besides the fact that it brought so much joy from my childhood. Recently, I've realized that my artwork can really speak to people, individually, as I can connect and talk to my art viewer in a personal level when they enjoy and appreciate nature like I do. So, I'm inspired by people and their passions and study of flowers and wild deer, owls, foxes and animals of the forest.   I love how whimsy and beautiful these subjects are and I'm always inspired to paint them the way I see them on canvas.  
I always love walking the old town streets that have so much charm, with the sea breeze swirling around the streets and the smooth sand down by the water, always stirs my heart.  
Walking barefoot to the shoreline straight from my front door with a hot cup of coffee from my home and soaking in the morning before the day starts, a reality for me and not just an idea.
I definitely have some insanely talented and creative women in my life that I'm so thankful that we lift each other up and support and encourage our creative process and our personal life happenings of easy and hard times.
I would tell them to just start creating what they enjoy and not to worry about what people will think or how they will perceive your work. Keep making art and don't keep it to yourself, but to be selfless and share and be vulnerable with showing your artwork to the world.  
An eclectic mix of vintage and pretty pieces that look like art to me, sometimes a simple piece and other times with delicate flowers everywhere on a flowy dress.
Since the day Petals opened in Seal Beach, I would walk from my place over to the shop to say hello to Terry and the P&P gals. Terry and I have become good friends over the years, I'm just drawn to her and her kindness and she's a down to earth real person. She's an inspirational woman to me. As we bounce creative ideas around and we live collaborating together in her shop. Her flowers are all over my artworks and I love bringing her meaningful bouquets home to paint from.  
in everything. I always see the detailed and sometimes hidden beauty in nature, in everyday happenings, and in humans from what they carry inside, and I love encouraging beauty inside to radiate outward to shine like it should and not stay hidden.