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 Ten years ago we were newly married, had somewhat stable jobs and lived amongst family and friends in a quaint beach town. But we longed for more; at a time when most people dig in deeper roots we traded it in for two tickets around the world, the chance for adventure and the excitement of uncertainty. My hubby wanted to surf the world’s best waves and I was a willing companion, longing to discover adventures unknown. We had no idea how it would change our lives but we had big dreams and were open to whatever the universe had in store for us.

Our lives revolved around the seasons, ocean storms, and how the waves meet the shores.  Our tickets propelled us forward around the world, from remote beaches in New Zealand, where we camped alone, to the coast of Australia in hippy chic Byron Bay, to the mix of white and black sand beaches of Bali, camping in a caravan through seaside European towns and the quiet coasts of South Africa.

My designs have always had a touch of inspiration from our endless search for surf and water- exotic coastlines sprinkled with palms, barefoot on California sand for early morning surf checks, citrus-hued Balinese sunsets with fresh coconuts in hand. So naturally, I combine the sensory overload of the sights and sounds of the beach cultures which fuel my creative passions.   These are the memories that never leave my designs.  So when we had the opportunity to create a Swim category at Target,  it seemed serendipitous; a way to offer a product to a larger audience at an affordable price, that ties in perfectly with how our brand came to be.  I come from humble roots, and grew up shopping at thrift stores and Target.  For years I’ve been wanting to expand our product to reach a wider audience that I relate to so much, without sacrificing our core values.  That’s why I am so excited to introduce Cleobella Turquoise, a swim line for women and girls that represents our signature elements; travel-inspired luxury handbags, fringe, beading, crochet, and tassels, for a price point and quality that’s accessible.

Each design tells a story. We pulled inspiration from the roots of Cleobella’s past collections, the fringe leather trim of our signature Everly Jacket and Hendrix Bag made it’s way onto the Wildflower One Piece.  The hand-beading that’s created by our artisans in Bali was re-invented on the Bali Rock Top.  Our handwoven Ikat fabrics from Indonesia have been re-interpreted into the print of the Tribal Ikat Bikini.  And to make sure no detail is spared, each suit is lined with our signature Mexicana hand-tooled design.  

Whatever shores Cleobella Turquoise may take you to, always #WanderWithLove and keep searching for endless inspiration.

Throwin' it back to our days on the road. . . chasing surf on the coasts of Portugal, Ireland, South Africa, Indonesia, and India, to Hawaii where we planted temporary roots and I started Cleobella by selling at the flea markets on Maui. . .
 For this collection, we dug through the archives to pull inspiration from our favorite artisan details throughout the years.  From hand beading, to fringe, tie-dye, and hand screened woodblock prints, it's been so fun re-interpreting the signature work of our Balinese artisans into wearable swim styles! 
Hand-beaded details from our handbags and jackets made its way onto the Bali Rock Top.
One of our favorite dresses from a past season came back to life in the Medallion Gypsy One Piece, featuring a hand-carved radial woodblock print. 
 The "Evil Eye" iconography of our travels abroad made it's way onto our Scarla Eye Weekender, which we re-interpreted for the Third Eye Bikini - available here on
 The hand-screened print of our Malaya Tote was re-interpreted into the Bali Rose One Piece
 Leather fringe trim that we use in our signature handbags and jackets inspired details on our suits for both Women and Girls. (Shop Girls' here.)
 One of a kind ikat fabrics sourced locally from the markets in Bali have been a part of our collections since day one.  In the Tribal Ikat Bikini we've taken inspiration from these stunning hand-made fabrics that are signature to Indonesia. 
 Shop the full collection for Women and Girls here- the first 20 orders will receive a FREE turquoise Ikat sarong handmade in Bali!