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Our Happy Place: The Cleobella Boutique Remodel

Our little beach cottage boutique in Sunset Beach has always been referred to as a hidden gem.  It’s set in an area that is mostly residential, with only a few restaurants nearby- if you weren’t in the know you may even pass it by without a glance.  But that’s what we love about it- it’s unexpected, personal, and a secret treasure of sorts.  We always aim to surround ourselves with beauty and inspiration, so as a result, the shop has become a place where we’ve created an atmosphere that makes us feel good.  
Photo: Taryn Kent
  We recently gave our boutique a major facelift, turning it from a residential looking home into a proper retail space, without losing the integrity and charm of the original 1920’s structure.  For the past three years, the cottage-turned-boutique/design studio has served a dual purpose- it was our design studio and office, while also serving as a retail space/showroom.  In October, we outgrew the space and moved into a new office and warehouse in Huntington Beach, which we jokingly refer to as the “Global HQ.”  This allowed for us to focus on the beach cottage as a retail space-- the Cleobella Flagship boutique.  The re-design was led by our owner, Angela O'Brien, and Tina Twigger Interior Design.  Tina specializes in interior architecture detail and design, and was instrumental in the remodel process.  A true visionary, she was able to deeply understand the brand aesthetic and vision and take the design to a level that we could not have envisioned ourselves.  She leads with her heart and has an incredible intuition about structural details, and how they can be transformed to create a space that is above and beyond-- without losing the soul and integrity of the brand or original structure.  
If you're interested in working with Tina on your next project, you can reach her at, or stop by her other business, Twiggii children's store in Seal Beach!  Follower her on instagram @twiggerdesignlife
 Photos: Taryn Kent
One of the biggest additions to the structure are three large windows to display mannequins and create more of an open feel to the environment.  Even before they were put in, we knew we wanted the windows to act as a blank canvas for handmade window displays by local artists.  It just so happens we have two artists among the Bella Tribe, our dear friend Steve Fawley, and our shop associate Alina Welch.  Together, this duo created a stunning hand painted design bordering all three windows.  
The inspiration behind the windows are the traditional carving techniques that you see so frequently in Bali.  From beautiful temple doors, to ornate furnishings, carved wood and stone is signature to the Balinese aesthetic.  We wanted to recreate this look and feel at the boutique, so we always feel like there’s a piece of Bali with us, even when we are back in the States.  To achieve the design, the artists created a large scale stencil for the general outer shape, but free-handed all of the details.  The result is a beautiful, handmade border and a subtle nod to grand entryways from our other happy place.
 One of our favorite parts about the shop is the back patio, where we regularly hold pop up shops, yoga classes, and Cleobella parties.  To add even more creativity to the space, we enlisted the help of our friend, artist Brittany Keats Cerullo to paint a floor mural to take the patio to the next level.  The mural was inspired by our love for textiles and rugs; the design is an abstraction of Moroccan shag rugs, Kilims rugs, and global textiles.  The mural was painstakingly created by hand, outlining the larger shapes with stencil created from tape but free-handing majority of the design.
 Our Sunset Beach boutique will always be a place that aims to inspire.  We look forward to continuing to support the arts and provide a creative space to share with the community!  If you're ever in the area, stop by and say hello!