Gypset Hideaway: Bambu Indah

When you first step onto the grounds of Bambu Indah, you feel as though you have been transported to a place that exists only in the depths of your imagination.  Traditional Javanese homes, with their bamboo structure, aged, weathered wood, and black thatched roofs are surrounded by vibrant green ferns.  Golden light streams through a canopy of lush tropical palms, and the quiet, calming sound of water puts your mind at ease.  It is truly a secluded oasis-- a hideaway from the rest of the world.  The magic of this hotel can never truly be conveyed through words; it is the property's ability to ignite your wildest imagination, find peace in the present, and inspire you to bring your dreams to fruition that make Bambu Indah the ultimate Gypset Hideaway. 
From the Bambu Indah founders, John and Cynthia Hardy:

"In 2005, we brought eleven antique Javanese bridal homes to Bali and began decorating them with the intention of hosting our family and closest friends who had traveled around the world to visit us. We wanted them to be surrounded by the rich creativity and the history of Indonesia, while being comforted by the luxury and service of a boutique hotel.

We named this collection of antique, teak homes Bambu Indah, which translates to “beautiful bamboo.”  While our story began with our friends and family in mind, today, we are delighted to open Bambu Indah to all of you and share it with our guests from around the world."      


Bambu Indah was founded by John and Cynthia Hardy. John made his way to Bali in 1975. Intrigued by Balinese craft traditions, he settled there and began producing jewelry with local artisans. He met Cynthia in the early 1980’s. She had recently moved to Bali and was also creating her own line of jewelry. Together they built John Hardy Jewelry, which continues to be a successful international fine jewelry brand.

One of the keys to their success is that they have done well by doing good. From the beginning, John and Cynthia’s approach to business has been about making beautiful jewelry while being respectful to Bali’s land, people and culture. It became their mission to share with others the local experiences and beauty that Bali has to offer.

In 2006, the duo founded the globally renowned Green School. They built it on an incredible bamboo campus that combines cutting-edge technology with traditional materials and building methods. The result is a truly inspirational teaching and learning environment that stimulates critical thinking and creative problem solving.

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